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[onelinerz] What IS that smell? (Fat Rastus) - EWBBS

Welcome to offers a collection of internet services to the bbs (bulletin board system) community. We offer an irc network and a nntp (or news) server that is free to use as long as you agree to our acceptable usage policy. Although the original idea was to offer services to the bbs community, we are open to anyone who is willing to agree to our aup's.

The BBS-Scene IRC network was born out of necessity. BBS-Scene is the perfect place for old school BBS fans to hang out, get their questions answered, and learn a thing or two.

Although the network is BBS-centric, it is also open to anyone. You are free to setup a channel and chat with people from all around the world.. provides free read and write access to all text newsgroups. It requires a simple registration that can be done online.

Fans of the SciNet FTN network can now read and post to their favorite SciNet message base via the nntp server. The scinet.* group hierarchy is available to all registered users.

Please do read our acceptable usage policy before registering and using our services.

bbs list

The bbs list provides the most accurate update to date bbs list around. All systems are checked daily to make sure they are up and running. The bbs list can also be accessed via the api if you wish to display the list on your own bbs or web site.


The global onelinerz system is a neat twist on the tried tested and true bbs favorite "oneliners" or "wall". By using a REST api system users and system can read and write to the global onelinerz system via xml or json. By using the same api you can also display or add to the onelinerz on your own website.

Before using the global onelinerz please read through our acceptable usage policy.

banner exchange

We are please to announce our latest addition, a banner exchange system. If you want to maximize exposure for your bbs or your bbs related website, consider joining the banner exchange program. All you need to do is create a 468 x 60 banner for your site and then put some code on your website to display banners for other bbs and bbs related websites. The more banners you display the more your banner will be displayed on other sites.

As always, please do read our acceptable usage policy before registering and using our services.

ftn feeds

Although ftn feeds for various fidonet style networks are not provided directly through the services, we can offer Fidonet and SciNet feeds via BinkP, FTP, TransX, ifico, and email. If you are interested in receiving a feed for either fidonet or scinet please contact us


  • Aug 26 12 - First and most important, the speed issue with the api has now been resolved. I'd also like to thank echicken, access d and mercyful for all their help with the irc network while I was gone. SciNet is still kicking. If you are having any issues with it, drop us a line and we will get them squared out for you.

random bbs

After Hours BBS


Although all of the services offered on are 100% free to use, they do cost us money to operate. If you are interested in helping us out, consider making a donation.


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