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  • There are numerous way you can get support for the various services offered by With the exception of the irc channel, all other methods are gated to each other. For example, if you send a help request to the mailing list the same message will be sent to the newsgroup and the various FTN echo's and vice versa.

  • irc: #bbs-scene on
  • mailing list:
    nntp: on
    fidonet: bbs-scene

news peering (Coming back soon)

We offer a full text only (no binary) peer to any NSP's that request one. Please contact admin [at] with your server information. All the info you need to know for peering with is listed below. submits path info to

Prerequisites: static IP address, availability 24/7 and Cleanfeed.
Contact: admin[at]
Abuse: abuse[at]
Port: 119
Path Token:
Max Connections: 10


peer {


peer {
port-number: 119
max-connections: 10


irc leaf nodes (Coming back soon)

We are always looking for additional servers to expand the network, especially those that are located outside of North America. Applicants must have a dedicated server on a minimum 10 Meg pipe with full shell access. No DSL or Cable systems please.

If your interested, please email admin [at] and let us know.